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Your closet dressed for the best

Custom Closet Organization

Ready to have a home for all of your shirts, bags, dresses, shoes, and more? Our custom closet cabinets, shelving, and layouts are incredible!
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Inspirational Guides

Download our free PDF guides on closet organization to spark inspiration! 

Closet Cleanout

Efficiently clean out your closet with our "Closet Cleanout How-to Guide."

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Tips on Organizing

Ready for a more organized closet? Download our "Tips for a More Organized Closet" guide.

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Curated Living

Fill your home with simplified designs to energize and inspire.

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"Elite Garage, Rhet and team were top notch! Rhet took my ideas and turned it into the ultimate garage design and executed it perfectly! Everything was completed quickly and efficiently! My garage is the place to be in the neighborhood! Thank you Elite Garage team for making my garage exactly what I want it to be!"
"What a great experience with the Team at Elite. Can’t thank them enough for helping me to design and install this dream garage set up. My advice… SwissTrax over epoxy! Will also be calling them back soon for storage solutions."
"Had a flawless experience with Elite Garage Solutions. From the original meeting to go over designs, to quote, to execution, follow through and communication. They helped me build just the right custom cabinets, slat wall, and overhead storage solution based on my storage and space needs."

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